Recycling for all compressed gas & acetylene cylinders

Cylinder Recyclers helps clients ranging from international gas manufacturers to community recycling centers safely recycle all types of compressed gas and contents-unknown cylinders.

The nation's only resource for acetylene cylinder management.


Spent acetylene cylinders contain as much as six gallons of acetone in a solid binding medium and older cylinders often contain asbestos. Sending those hazards to a landfill is environmentally irresponsible and creates potential liabilities for cylinder owners. Only Cylinder Recyclers lets you safely recycle these resources instead. Through our unique, environmentally-friendly process, we recycle both the acetone residue and the cylinder. Organics are removed from the cylinders under a vacuum, acetone is condensed out and recovered, and cylinders are scrapped and recycled.

For tanks manufactured prior to 1985 , we carefully remove and safely dispose of any asbestos-contaminated core material prior to scrapping and recycling the cylinder eliminating headaches and risks for our customers. Acetylene cylinders prior to 1985 may contain asbestos. But they can be recycled. Ask us!

One-stop cylinder recycling

Turn-key service nationwide , from pick-up to documentation
  Acetylene cylinders of any size, shape or age
  Fire extinguishers
Medical and industrial oxygen tanks and cylinders
Propane tanks and cylinders
Steel and aluminum beverage and CO2 tanks
Refrigerant cylinders
Compressed air cylinders
Helium, argon and neon cylinders
Hydrogen cylinders
Lab bench cylinders
All other compressed gas and contents-unknown cylinders
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Acetylene cylinder requalification and repainting

Our DOT-certified technicians will inspect and process your cylinders according to Compressed Gas Association (CGA) publication C-13. Cylinders that fail to be requalified can be returned to you or recycled at your option. Download A Detailed Document from the Department of Transportation on Cylinder Requalification.

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