The Gas Cylinder Disposal Specialists

From acetylene cylinders to fire extinguishers, Cylinder Recyclers makes gas cylinder disposal safe, environmentally-responsible, convenient, and cost-effective. We help clients across the nation:

  • Reduce risk
  • Avoid liability
  • Maintain sound environmental practices

We do that by responsibly recycling compressed gas cylinders of most sizes, shapes, and substances. Not only that, but we’re the only resource in the nation for recycling spent acetylene cylinders.

Please note that Cylinder Recyclers is only permitted to work with businesses due to federal regulations. Homeowners are encouraged to find another solution through county or state agencies.

Why Cylinder Recycling?

The fact is, sending used cylinders to a landfill doesn’t make sense any more. Taking a more sustainable approach to cylinder management can help you reduce your business’ environmental footprint, reduce liability risks, and make you a more attractive partner to customers. Best of all, we make it EASY.

We Can Dispose of Your Cylinders, Too!

Let’s face it, not all gasses can be recycled. The truth of the matter is that some are simply too volatile or too harmful to human health to be recycled. In these scenarios, disposal is likely the only option for the client. Cylinder Recyclers, despite our name, can assist you with compressed gas cylinders that contain these types of materials. With years of hands-on experience, we can find you disposal options for any gasses that cannot be recycled.

Rest assured, no matter what material you have, we can provide a solution.


Notable clients

Complete Cylinder Management

  • Transportation, pickup, and delivery nationwide and internationally
  • Recycling of most compressed gas cylinders
  • Residual gas and solvent recovery and recycling
  • Complete documentation and administrative tracking