Project Summary: Cylinder Packaging & Recycling

Cylinder Recyclers was contracted by a major North American gas company for a large site cleanup. We began the process by recording a detailed cylinder inventory by size. The total inventory was greater upwards of 5,000 cylinders. Each and every one of the cylinders on site was then securely palletized, placed in shipping containers, and shipped to Cylinder Recyclers Headquarters for processing. In four days, the project was complete and our clients were left with a clean work site.



Project Summary: Cylinder Inspection / Removal

Cylinder Recyclers was contracted to safely remove cylinders with unknown contents, unknown chemicals, and unknown reactive/explosive compounds. After the cylinders were identified and inventoried, a thorough inspection took place. Only 250 of the almost 400 cylinders were able to ship under DOT regulations. The remaining cylinders were processed on site. Cylinder Recyclers safely blew down and de-valved the 97 inert gases on site and equipped a burn flare for the remaining 48 propane mixes. All of the cylinders on site were then shipped to Cylinder Recyclers Headquarters for processing and recycling.


Phoenix, Arizona

Project Summary: Cylinder Identification / Site Cleanup

Cylinder Recyclers was contracted by a major international gas company for identification of unknown gas cylinders and a large site cleanup of over 4,200 cylinders. This job posed our team a challenge as we were under a strict time constraint. The job had to be completed in just five days. On Monday, we began to identify, inspect, and palletize the cylinders. By Friday, all 4,200 cylinders were shipped to Cylinder Recyclers Headquarters for processing and recycling.


Northern California

Project Summary:  National Park Service

Cylinder Recyclers was contracted thru a Federal Agency for the identification of two unknown cylinders with foreign markings that had washed ashore, stabilization of the cylinders, overpacking, transportation and ultimate treating and disposal.

These cylinders were inspected in advance by one of our specialists and found to be NON-DOT shippable due to the condition of the cylinders and the Missing DOT or ICC stamping to legally ship cylinders over the road for treatment. The cylinders required Salvage vessels in order to legally transport them over the road.

Upon mobilization, the cylinders were placed into specialized, certified salvage vessels by technicians wearing PPE and loaded for shipment offsite.
Work was completed within budget, on-time and most importantly safely.


Streetsboro, Ohio

Project Summary:  Cylinder Graveyard Cleanup

Cylinder Recyclers was contracted by a client for a major site cleanup of over 30,000 cylinders. This was a unique cleanup site where we were asked to clean up an acetylene graveyard. The job was split into three stages over multiple years in order to reduce cost.

  1. Remove and recycle the easiest cylinders to get to, those on concrete pads or pallets.
  2. Remove log stacked cylinders. Temporary paths were made with an off road forklift and Bobcat so the forklift could access the cylinders for palletizing and recycling.  
  3. Excavation: Excavated and dug up underground cylinders, some of which had been on site for more than 20 years. Once the excavating equipment got deep enough, shovels were used to remove the remaining cylinders. Cylinders were then cleaned, palletized, and shipped for recycling.
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