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Propane Cylinder Recycling

Every year millions of disposable, one-time use propane cylinders are left abandoned at camp sites across the country. Without a proper outlet for these cylinders, millions more are being stockpiled in owner’s garages waiting to be disposed of. Due to their highly-pressurized contents, many landfills and town waste facilities have simply chosen not to accept these cylinders due to the risk of explosion. Most require the cylinders to have the valves removed and to have a hole punched into the side wall of the cylinder, which renders the cylinder useless. But without the proper equipment and training this procedure can be dangerous for cylinder owners.

Cylinder Recyclers is proud to offer commercial business and private parties a new, safe, and environmentally friendly option for disposing of their cylinders: recycling. Through Cylinder Recyclers unique recycling process, we can safely and effectively recycle any and all reusable material from your cylinders.

The Recycling Program

Cylinder Recyclers is working with local and regional waste facilities to make it easier for residents to recycle their scrap propane cylinders. We understand that it’s difficult for people to unload one scrap cylinder, especially when they have to ship them across the country. That’s why we provide drop-off containers for town dumps and drop-off sites where residents can leave their scrap cylinders for a small fee and once the containers are full, we collect them. It’s that simple.

If you are willing to wait for us to pick them up, we can schedule your area on a Milk Run. If you need to get rid of those cylinders quickly, we can provide you with all the paperwork to ship them to us.

If you don’t have a propane recycling program in your area, let us help you set one up. Have your local Waste District Director give us a call at (877) 734-2925 and we would be happy to walk them through the entire process.

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