Major cylinder disposal job due to fire

Recently, we completed a cylinder recycling and disposal job for a client of ours who had a fire on their site. The fire burned for 3-4 days and caused major damage but luckily no one was hurt. We were tasked with the job of going through the cylinders to determine which cylinders were considered empty with a visible hole for scrap metal, what could be legally transported for processing at our facility, and the identification and DOT shippability determination of other unknown cylinders. This job was a unique situation for our team of cylinder experts. Due to the fire, it was a challenge to verify which valved cylinders were still hazardous and shippable under DOT guidelines.

With some due diligence and long days put in, we were able to safely identify and analyze the cylinders for proper management. The cylinders that could be shipped out for processing were then sent back to our facility where they were safely processed and recycled. The project was very high profile so the local fire inspector did not want any on-site remediation due to community sentiment so it had to go off with no issues and any further harm to the environment. We are proud to say it was accomplished safely and efficiently with no further issues to the community.

Check out the before and after pictures below:   



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