The Nation’s Only Acetylene Cylinder Recycler
(Welding Distributors Association, February 2009)

Environmental liability is a critical concern for industrial businesses. For companies in the compressed gas industry, recycling spent cylinders is an efficient way to reduce environmental risk.

But for owners of acetylene tanks, recycling hasn’t been an option. Until now, recycling services for acetylene tanks have been unavailable in the U.S., and the presence of as much as six gallons of acetone in each tank made landfilling highly problematic. But now, thanks to a new service from Cylinder Recyclers, acetylene tanks and residual acetone can be recycled just as easily as other cylinders.

In addition to recycling all types of compressed gas and contents-unknown cylinders, Cylinder Recyclers is the only resource in the nation for recycling spent acetylene cylinders, including those with asbestos residue. The company picks up nationwide and provides complete documentation and tracking for Six-Sigma, ISO and other environmental compliance purposes.

“Our customers simply don’t see landfilling as a viable alternative anymore,” says Jim Hemeon, president of Cylinder Recyclers. “For them, recycling has quantifiable business value, a way to eliminate the HSE risks of landfilling and on-site storage and comply with internal and external quality initiatives.”

Businesses are increasingly assessing the environmental costs of their supply chains–selecting vendors with that in mind.

Taking a more sustainable approach to cylinder management is a way for tank owners to reduce environmental footprint, limit liability risks, and be a more attractive business partner and employer.

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